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Eats Bugs For Breakfast

devBUG is the official home of beta testing on deviantART. If you are an Official Beta Tester then #devBUG is the place to find out all the latest info on exciting new features that are being beta-tested here on deviantART.

Want to become a beta tester?

FAQ #531: What is an Official DeviantArt Beta Tester? How do I become one?
Reporting Bugs and Problems With Beta Features

If you have a problem with any of the features that are currently in beta please click the "Submit a Beta Bug" tab above. If you need to report a bug that isn't to do with the current beta project then please go to the Help Desk, Also check the Status Forum for updates on any site wide issues.


Please feel free to ask us any questions that are related to any features currently in beta and we will do our best to answer them. However if you have any other questions please have a look at deviantART's faq!

Beta Launch: The New Mobile Header

Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:48 PM
Update: In response to Beta Tester feedback, the Messages item in the menu now displays your message total, so you can see your message count at a glance, from anywhere on the site.

A new header for the mobile website has just been released to Beta Testers!

Our mobile website has always been a condensed version of the desktop site, but the header has been given a minor overhaul to be more mobile-friendly, and with a sleek new look to match.

1. new mobile web header and AdCast area by Leelor

Menu items have been updated for ease of access and use, providing a solid balance of clarity and functionality. Everything that was previously available through the menu accessed by tapping on the logo is still present, so everything you know and love is still one tap away.

More-menu-home-altbtn2 by Leelor  

Screenshot 2015-01-15-16-37-52 by wreckling

Your Feedback

You can check out the new header by visiting the mobile website from your mobile device!

If you encounter any bugs or other issues with the new header, please file a ticket in the devBUG Issue Tracker under the Mobile Header project.

Note: When filing a ticket, please specify the make/model of your mobile device, and the browser you are encountering the issue in.

PLEASE NOTE: These items are available to some Beta Testers and a segment of non-Beta Testers.

The New Today Page

When art news happens around the world, deviant artists are among the first to respond in the most evocative ways possible. We're proud to unveil the Today page — the new human and dynamically powered newspaper for the community that reflects the stories inside of deviantART as they pertain to art, fandom, pop culture, and world culture.

Designed to showcase a variety of content — including editorial pieces, Journals, contests, and even deviants new to the site, the Today page will reflect the undercurrent of what's happening now — both online and off.

The Today page will improve the accessibility of various areas on deviantART, creating new and easier ways for both our logged-in and logged-out audiences to enter the deviantART experience.

Read more from techgnotic and our Content team: Welcome to The Today Page

We’d like your feedback: The purpose of the Today page is to inform you what’s happening, today, on deviantART! We’ll be updating its content daily, and want to know if it’s enhancing your deviantART experience. If so, how? Tell us what’s working! If not, what would you like to see on the Today page? How can we make it better?

If you encounter any bugs or other issues on the Today page, please file a ticket in the devBUG Issue Tracker under the Today Page project.

Watching Collections

You can also now watch Collections made by other deviants. When you watch someone, you’ll automatically be watching all of their Collections — but you can also choose to enable or disable watching Collections on a deviant-by-deviant basis. Collections are surfaced through the Activity Feed, creating a new way to discover and expose artwork on deviantART.

Art curators are among the unsung heroes of deviantART, and with these new changes, we’re now surfacing Collections on deviation pages, allowing you to discover curations of artwork that include a specific deviation.

If you encounter any bugs or other issues involving watching Collections or Collections on the deviation page, please file a ticket in the devBUG Issue Tracker under the Collections project.

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